The Simple Financial
Freedom Calculator

How it works: Find out the age that your savings will be enough to be covering your expenses. Fill in steps 1 and 2 and let the owl show you the way to financial freedom.

My Info

I am years old, my expenses are per month and I do not plan to die before I am years old. (if you don't know how much your expenses are, you can calculatre them with the Simple Household Calculator )

My Capabilities

I already have € saved. I am able to add € per month. I am able to find a % annual interest rate .
I am 30


  • At 48 years old you will reach financial freedom. That means that your expenses will be covered by your savings. You are one of the few who succeeds so early. Congratulations!
  • From the 122.196 € that you will have raised, you will be able to spend 900 € per month, keeping the rest of it invested.
* Do not forget that the expenses you have calculated as for today may not represent your future expenses. Factors like family can significantly change your needs.
** The calculations have been made without taking into account future inflation. In case you want to include it, just lower the interest rate accordingly.

Did you know?

  • With 1% more interest you could reach financial freedom at 46 years old.
  • Saving 250 € per month you could reach financial freedom at 46 years old.
  • With theses savings, you could be a millionaire by the age of 71.
  • You could be receiving 5.307 € per month after your 65 using the 625.541 € that you would have raised. Check the Simple Retirement Calculator for more.
  • You could have the same result starting with 25.905 € and zero monthly contributions. That would save you another 20.295 €.